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Be the company that will take Market Research to the next level by implementing communities247 in your country.  
With communities247 you can benefit from:

  • Better insights by integrating various data
    collection methods (e.g. chat groups and
    interactive surveys),

  • Extremely competitive pricing, especially
    compared to ad-hoc and offline research,

  • Faster turnaround of reports and immediately
    available transcripts, images, clips and data,

  • Tailoring the look and feel of the online
    communities to suit every project and brand
    (language, text, fonts, colours and logos
    are fully customisable),

  • Effective, fast and fuss-free ways of conducting
    Quantitative and Qualitative Research online.


Utilise NextGen Research by integrating communities247 into your Research toolbox:

  • Your company will be associated with innovation and creativity,

  • Your company will be able to sustain continuous engagement with clients,

  • Your company will be enabled to conduct longitudinal studies with stability and consistency.


communities247 for insights, co-creation and advocacy (includes platform screenshots)

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